Periodic Table

Periodic Table

The Science Department at Cheltenham College has undergone a complete refurbishment which has been finished with the installation of a spectacular Periodic Table display. This will be an invaluable teaching resource for all three sciences and highlights the links between Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Staff and students alike have been spending time peering into the boxes and one is constantly compelled to go back for another look.


Watch the Periodic Table come to life below:

Isabella Mech, Head of Science, commented "My favourite element is Carbon; being a biologist this particular element is the basis of all life and everything we teach our students about the structure of living organisims is due to the fact that Carbon is the basic building block of all life. Its versatility allows for a huge array of organic molecules to be built with the addition of other elements and numerous bonds.

The pupils' reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and it has been inspiring to see and hear students discussing various examples of elements and having thought provoking conversations with each other. A frequent comment to be heard in the Science foyer now is 'this is so cool' and this wonderful display has allowed us to highlight the cross-curricular links between the sciences."

The wealth of samples illustrating all facets of the elements that make up our world brings one back to the table constantly for 'another look', each time findng some new angle on materials.

Some of the items on display have a very special link to College; a piece of coal exhibited as an example of Carbon was found in Christowe and is thought to be in excess of 40 years old and piece of barbed wire from the Second World War is used as an example of iron.  
















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