Philosophers consider 'possible worlds'

Philosophers consider 'possible worlds'

On Thursday evening the Philosophy Society and Upper College Theology, Philosophy and Ethics students had the great pleasure of welcoming Professor Christopher Norris from Cardiff University for an evening talk on Philosophy and Poetry. Professor Norris has written more than thirty books on aspects of philosophy and literary theory, and he also writes about issues in aesthetics and philosophy of art. His current main interest is in the relationship between philosophy and poetry, including the idea of verse as a way of addressing philosophical themes.

He talked to pupils about his poems, which comment on both Lewis and Leibniz’s views on “possible worlds” as well as Heidegger’s contrasting view on “authentic worlds” and our “being-in-the-world”. We were very pleased to see so many students of the Cheltenham Ladies’ College attending this fascinating talk, which finished with a string of penetrating questions from the audience.

The award for the best question went to Rodrigo Peralta Martin (L6, L) who asked how the emotional language of poetry plays a critical role for learning. It was both a very informative and enjoyable lecture.

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