Pigs at The Prep

Pigs at The Prep

Pigs at Cheltenham PrepChildren at Cheltenham Prep have recently welcomed some very special arrivals - 4 Large White / Gloucestershire Old Spot cross pigs. The new arrivals are part of a growing farming club led by the Headmaster, Jon Whybrow. Boarders and pupils with an interest in animals are encouraged to carry out daily tasks, such as feeding and mucking out, whilst being educated in agriculture and the food process.   

Mr Whybrow commented: “Having the pigs and other animals in school is a great opportunity to educate children regarding food and where it comes from. I’m always delighted to see how the children interact and take on responsibility. Often it is the quieter pupils who, when given this opportunity, begin to flourish."   

Pigs at Cheltenham PrepWhen asked regarding naming the pigs, Mr Whybrow responded: “The pigs won’t be named in this instance. It’s important to reinforce the boundaries and distinction between livestock animals and pets.” 

The pupils have been involved from the start and attended Cirencester Market just over a week ago to purchase the piglets. In the last few days, the school have also been given a small flock of laying hens to add our embryonic small holding.

Among the comments from the children were:

"I like feeding the pigs and checking that they have water and looking after them." - Uliana (Y4)

"You can watch them and they are funny when they root around in the mud." - Victor (Y3)

"We can learn a lot about how they need mud to stop sunburn and what they can eat." - Piers (Y6)


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