Poet Brian Moses sparks creativity

Poet Brian Moses sparks creativity

All the children at The Prep, from Reception to Year 8, were totally charmed and enthused by world-class author and poet, Brian Moses, during his visit to the school. He wowed and inspired everyone with his fantastic poetry performances, and inspired the creation of some wonderful Year 5 poetry.

Brian has published over 200 works during the last 30 years, making him one of the most prolific children's authors alive. Supported by a cast of innovative props, he wowed his audiences with drumming, frightened them with stories of the 'Snake Hotel', inspired them with his 'Shopping Trolley'... and taught us some the most weird and wonderful ways of saying the word 'Iguana'.

During his visit to The Prep, not only did he bring his works to life through music and acting, pupils also had the chance to ask lots of questions. Brian shared his thoughts on becoming an 'ideas detective' - seeking out creative ideas wherever you go, rather than simply waiting for inspiration to strike!

Poetry was really brought to life and in the afternoon, Brian also led a workshop with Year 5 which culminated in them writing a piece of exotic and wildly imaginative poetry with each child as the centre of their own poem, in a new and all-powerful persona. 

Organiser of the visit and Prep Librarian, Mrs Pippa Carson, recommends that all parents try Googling “Brian Moses Iguana” for some seriously fun and interesting entertainment!

"A quick listen to some of Brian's wonderful work will explain why our children are now all budding poets!" said Mrs Carson. Head of English, Miss Nicola Massey, also added "Brian’s work appeals to people of all ages, so there really was something for everyone during his visit! His incredible, endless imagination and enegery has really sparked the children’s creativity, and we’re looking forward to seeing how this inspires their poetry work in class.”


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