Politics and Presidential Elections

Politics and Presidential Elections

Earlier this week, the Politics Department ran an extension session on the subject of Presidential Elections in the USA for The Prep’s Year 8 Scholarship set. President of the Morley Society, Pablo ​Espona Barbara (L6, L), gave a brilliant presentation on the process of becoming President of the USA. He was fluent, funny and knowledgeable: the Prep pupils were captivated and learnt a lot!

The Scholarship set was then split into three groups where they completed three carousel activities: a card sort activity where students had to sort cards into facts about UK Elections and facts about US Elections - thanks to Tommy Maddinson (L6, S) for making this activity; a timeline activity of interesting and influential US Presidents - thanks to Anna McIntyre (L6, Q) for making this activity; and a debating activity where pupils argued the case for both Clinton and Trump, run by Pablo. The session ended with the three groups competing against each other in a quiz written by Mrs Eldred. The session was really enjoyable and the Scholars learnt a lot about not only the US elections but also the study of Politics.

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