Pre-Season Summer Sports Practice

Pre-Season Summer Sports Practice

The 9th annual Cheltenham Prep Pre-Season Sports trip to Spain included girls for the first time this year. 

The boys enjoyed their usual diet of cricket, followed by cricket and more cricket. The girls, however, experienced a veritable smorgasbord of sporting options, including tennis, track and field, rounders, gym and swimming as well as cricket. 

The accommodation in Almeria was first class - luxury 4-berth apartments and superb meals - and all adjacent to the sporting facilities. The icing on the cake, literally, was an unforgettable birthday for one member of the party with candles, a sing-song and excellent chocolate cake for all - and to be presented with a signed momento by England's greatest cricking all-rounder, who happened to be holidaying at the resort.

All 32 boys and girls enjoyed themselves and made excellent sporting progress.



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