Prefects and positions of responsibility

Prefects and positions of responsibility

The Prep School is delighted to introduce our Prefects and Positions of Responsibility for 2015-16! This year we have 10 prefects from our Year 8 pupils, and expect to appoint some more during the year. They’ll perform duties around school, as well as getting to know all the boys and girls in the Prep. Their first task is to make sure they’re working with the younger girls and boys and the pupils in their Houses. 

We’re really keen to make sure all boys and girls lead by example around school, and it’s part of the ethos of Upper School that we do so.

We asked some of our prefects and positions of responsibility holders what having these positions means to them, and here's what they told us:


"As Head Girl, I think I should be looking out for the younger pupils and helping them around school. I enjoy talking about school to prospective parents and as I’ve been here since Kingfishers, I know a lot about the school and what it represents. I’m really pleased to be Head Girl."  (Anabelle Wells, 8W)

"To me, Head Chorister means encouraging boys and girls to come along and join Choir. I also think it’s important to help Mr Perona-Wright with the organisation of choir. Personally, I love music and singing, and being Head of Choir means I can share that with the rest of school too." (Izzy Reid, 8W) 

"Being Head of Girls’ Hockey makes me feel proud – not just acting as Captain of the Firsts, but being supportive all girls and boys who play hockey. It’s vital to keep positive and maintain team spirit even if we’re losing!" (Freya Coull, 8L)

"I am delighted to be Head of Athens. I really wanted to be appointed Head of House, and I am looking forward to working with all the pupils in my House and getting to know everyone." (Piers Brown, 8L)

We're looking forward to working with all our responsible Year 8's this year!

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