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Nutrition and Allergies

Healthy eating

Our food ethos is to use fresh, local, seasonal produce to create tasty ‘made from scratch’ dishes that are inherently healthy and never over-processed. We recognise that nutrition plays a key role not only for healthy growth and development during childhood and teenage years but also to support learning and educational attainment.

Nutritional guidelines and half measures

To help ensure our chefs are always considering healthy eating and the nutritional balance of a menu, Holroyd Howe has developed their own Nutritional Guidelines. The recommended guidelines not only take into consideration children and teenagers nutritional requirements but any new government recommendations are also implemented, e.g. guidance on how frequently processed meat should be consumed. The ultimate goal is to help our pupils and staff enjoy balanced meals containing quality sources of protein and starchy carbohydrates (wholegrain wherever possible), accompanied by lots of vegetables, salad and fruit.

In addition to the Nutritional Guidelines, we will also adopt a ‘half measures’ concept at Cheltenham College. It is an initiative that involves our chefs halving the amount of sugar used in our desserts. Rather than using added sugar to sweeten desserts, the natural sweetness of fruit, vegetables and dairy foods is used instead.

Holroyd Howe’s company nutritionist

Amy Roberts is Holroyd Howe’s Director of Nutrition and Food Development and a Registered Nutritionist. Amy ensures that all our menus are nutritionally balanced and appropriate to each of the age groups catered for. She will also play an integral role in ensuring that not only are we providing menus that meet the nutritional requirements of our pupils but that we are also providing food and nutrition education to help encourage them to make healthy and informed choices when going through the dining rooms.

Catering for allergies and intolerances

The provision of special diets is of the utmost importance to us, we want all of our pupils to feel like they can eat with us every day and not feel any different to their friends when having to make food choices. Holroyd Howe has a no-nut policy and takes the responsibility for managing food allergies incredibly seriously. Their ‘Think of Me’ allergen policy has been adopted at Cheltenham College.

All of our catering team have been given comprehensive training on how to approach allergy management and given clear instruction on how to manage the issue of pupils and staff with food allergies or intolerances.

Robust procedures

There are clear and documented procedures for the management of allergies and intolerances. These include:

  • The production of an allergen checker sheet for every service and hospitality event that lists the allergens present in every dish
  • Pre-service briefings delivered by the chef on duty; he/she talks through each dish and verbally explains which allergens are present
  • Segregation of allergens from our hot counters to our salad bars, we always ensure that dishes containing allergens are segregated from other dishes as much as possible to prevent the risk of cross-contamination.