Print workshop with year 5

Print workshop with year 5

Last Friday The Prep Art Room was buzzing even more than normal! The occasion was the second Year 5 print workshop of this calendar year. We invited local primary schools to come and experience different printing methods using the professional equipment we are so lucky to have here at The Prep. 


This time we focused on two main disciplines: lino or (reduction printing) and collagraph printing. Firstly, the 20 children from 5 different schools were shown how to create their own collagraph using mounting board, scalpels, glue, stickers, tape and wallpaper, these were left to dry until the afternoon. Next, they were asked to draw around a piece of lino, then observe the fabulous Indian fabrics, prints and artefacts on display to create their own design suitable to be cut out. The children really enjoyed recording the shapes and adapting them, then carefully guiding the cutting tool to make shallow grooves in the lino. Rollers were used to apply the ink to the off-set press used for lino prints, with tissue added to achieve a 'chine-colle' (Chinese collage). Stippling brushes were used to apply the block ink to the collagraphs and these were pressed through the etching press on to preprepared watercolour paper. A 'ghost print' was achieved by running a second print through the etching press with string, feathers or raffia laid over the top. 


What a day! 20 Children, 5 different schools, working together. One whole day: being active, creative, learning, and having FUN!

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