Progress to Prestigious History Prize

Progress to Prestigious History Prize

15 Cheltenham College Prep pupils have entered a prestigious History competition, the Townsend-Warner History Prize. There are representatives from all four Year 8 History sets and also a number of enthusiastic Year 7s. 

The Prize consists of two papers. The first has 100 questions demanding one-word, or one-sentence, answers from world history, but with a strong emphasis on British history. Paper 2 is in the form of essay questions, but allows candidates a very wide choice so that they can write on what they know, but also show analytical skill and historical imagination.

This year two of our candidates qualified to sit Paper 2: Harry Dawson was placed 240th nationally with a score of 45/100 in Paper 1, the first Year 7 from The Prep to make it to the second round, and Rory Maddinson was placed 59th nationally with a score of 61/100. These are fantastic achievements!

Paper 2 was incredibly challenging, asking for five ‘mini essays’ within two hours, requiring a genuine depth of knowledge. The boys' passing of the first paper proves they have knowledge, achieving in the second paper proves they can apply it - and both boys performed exceptionally! Harry jumped 71 places to be placed a superb 169th overall, scoring an impressive 70/100 in Paper 2. Rory scored an amazing 76/100 in Paper 2, seeing his position rise 20 places to finish 39th nationally, a real triumph. These are both magnificent results in a national competition, against some of the top Prep Schools in the country.

Congratulations to all the pupils who entered and especially to Harry and Rory!

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