Pupils Present Presidents

Pupils Present Presidents

As a part of the History Post-Scholarship Programme, scholarship pupils demonstrated their confidence and excellent research skills, by delivering a presentation to the whole school about significant Presidents of the United States of America.

Elections have dominated the news both in the UK and America over the last twelve months. Earlier in the year as a part of their scholarship extension sessions, the scholars were given a fantastic insight into the US Presidents and their elections, organised by Cheltenham College and presented by pupil, Pablo Espona Barbara, the current President of the Morley Society at College and Mrs Eldred, Head of Politics. This inspired the scholars to further explore politics in the US, moving away from the more traditional studies of the UK and Europe. 

The first step of this new project was to find out which personalities to present. To do this each of the pupils researched ten presidents of the US who they felt had a significant impact on history, giving a brief summary of their influence. A list was then drawn up of the most commonly occurring figures: John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The purpose of the presentation would be to determine which president was the most significant, judged and voted for by members of the school.

The pupils devised these presentations themselves, preparing a script and researching each topic. They had to measure how much of an impact each president had but also think carefully about how to convey this to an audience and convince them that their cause was the most worthy. It is important to note that not all of the presenters were convinced that their president had the most impact but still put on a fine exhibition that did not express their true feeling!


The expositions were wide-ranging and superbly put across. There was plenty of historical detail, humour and even a video of a speech! The pupils pitched their subjects at the right level, keeping the attention and interest of staff and pupils alike. After a quick poll, the results were as follows: 1. Barack Obama; 2. Abraham Lincoln; 3. George Washington; 4. John F. Kennedy.

Many thanks go to the Year 8 Scholars for their enthusiasm, research and for putting on a great morning of entertainment celebrating four very important presidents who have had a significant impact on the shape of today’s society. 

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