'Pura Vida' in Costa Rica

'Pura Vida' in Costa Rica

‘Pura Vida’ is a greeting that we heard repeated many times during our ten days in Costa Rica this Half Term. It means ‘pure life’ but to Costa Ricans it is much more than that. Everyone we met in this magnificent country was fiercely proud of its natural wonders and the outdoors way of life.

This is a country without an army, an enviable life expectancy and one of the highest literacy rates in the world. With a wealth of flora and fauna to explore, our College expedition could barely scratch the surface.

We found the time to make a volcano trek and visit an animal sanctuary, before ziplining through the forest canopy and rafting the rivers. Everywhere we were surrounded by wildlife and the cameras were rarely put away.

Three days spent on an organic coffee farm allowed us to witness a sustainable way of life. We helped pick coffee, plant beans and make terraces to reduce soil erosion. We all took much from the experience, but it was invaluable for the biologists and geographers amongst us.

A beautiful drive to the coast followed through rolling hills and a patchwork of small farms nestled between virgin forest. Just when you thought a country couldn’t have any more to offer, we found ourselves on the Pacific shoreline complete with white sand and macaws overhead. This is a country that many of the expedition team are sure to return to.

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