Rainforest comes to life

Rainforest comes to life

Cheltenham College Prep School Upper School Rainforest RoadshowUpper School pupils were treated to a Rainforest experience as part of their project on Brazil. 

Dave Shaw has travelled and lived in the Rainforests of Costa Rica, Malaysia, Borneo and Brazil. He spent the morning educating and entertaining the pupils with his fascinating Rainforest Road show. The children had the opportunity to learn about life in the rainforest. They watched Dave demonstrate how to hunt with a Blowpipe and then sharpen an arrow on a teeth of a piranha.  Dave also brought a range of animals.  The students stroked a tarantula, held a snake and discovered how to find a scorpion in the dark. They also learnt about the dangers facing the Rainforest and that there are still many tribes that are yet to be contacted.

Cheltenham College Prep School Upper School Rainforest Roadshow

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