Rap and Beatboxing

Rap and Beatboxing

Cheltenham Prep Beatboxing

Thursday 18 September saw the whole of Year 8 experience something new. They spent the day in a Rap and Beatboxing workshop with two Urban music professionals from London. Ad-Apt (rapper) is a recording artist and producer who worked with the children on writing lyrics, how to freestyle, rhythmic delivery and much more. Marv-ill is one of the top Beatboxers in the UK, and worked with the children on basic technique, how to build rhythms and sounds using just their mouths and microphone technique.

Once a few initial nerves were out of the way, the pupils took it all in their stride and threw themselves into the whole experience. They have learnt some valuable musical skills which they can put to use when studying Rap and Pop music in the Summer term as part of their class music lessons, and have had immense fun whilst taking part. A great day had by all!


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