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Science Centre

College has a long tradition of strength in Sciences. As with all the great public schools of England, College led the way in the introduction of science to the school curriculum in the nineteenth century and many Old Cheltonians have gone on to make an impact in their specialist scientific areas on the world stage. 

In 2014 we modernised the entire Science Centre, both inside and out. This included refitting all laboratories with up-to-date equipment to mirror our ideal of producting high calibre science students of the future and to allow them to undertake exciting experiments and investigations beyond the scope of the curriculum. As well as the inside, we also improved the exterior of the building, including a completely new roof, doors and windows. This has created a building that looks and feels brand new but at a much-reduced cost. 

We have focused all of our investment on some outstanding recent academic appointments as well as excellent technicians to support teaching staff and therefore always rely on others to help us with any improvements to our facilities. We are hugely grateful for the generous support received towards this project from parents, Old Cheltonians, friends of College and The Wolfson Foundation.

If you would like more information in general or about a number of opportunities still available for major benefactors to name a particular laboratory and spaces within the new Science centre, please get in touch with our Development Director, Christiane Dickens on 07881 850206 or