Roman Day

Roman Day

Dressed in Roman tunics and carrying swords and shields, pupils in Year 3 at Cheltenham Prep enjoyed a fun-filled day where ancient history came to life.

Having studied The Romans as part of the curriculum this term, children at The Prep were invited to dress and behave like Romans for the day.   

Pupils discovered how children in Ancient Rome wore white tunics made of linen or wool with a crimson edge that reached down to their knees. The boys in particular were keen to discover that when a Roman boy became a man at 16 years of age he was entitled to wear a plain white tunic or toga like all the other impressive Ancient Roman Citizens. 

As for the girls, in Ancient Rome they would have worn a simple tunic belted at the waist, with an over tunic that reached down to the ground being worn when they appeared in public. 

Dressed to impress, children took part in a number of activities throughout the day including learning Latin, making and decorating shields, making Roman games and art, as well as cooking and preparing food for a classic Roman Feast at the end of an enthralling day.  

 Debbie Isaachsen, Head of Lower School commented: "Through kinaesthetic activities the curriculum can be made engaging and accessible to all abilities. These days are fantastic; they really bring the topic to life."


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