STEM Club Soar into Finals

STEM Club Soar into Finals

Following months of preparation, STEM club members had a huge day at the Flying Start Competition, winning 3rd place and securing a place in the Grand Final at Fleet Air Museum.


The Flying Start Competition is an annual competition that has been running for over a decade, organised by aerospace engineering companies within the South West of England. The challenge aims to increase engineering awareness amongst young people and to help schools forge links with local industry. The challenge itself was to design and build hand-launched gliders, to fly as far as possible. Philip and Arthur, two graduate engineers from SAFRAN, Messier-Buggati-Dowty, have been visiting school every fortnight to help the children design their gliders and teaching them about the physics behind flight. 

This week's regional competition consisted of a glider fly-off between all participating teams, a poster presentation of the glider's design, which was judged by a panel from the engineering companies as well as a tower building activity and quiz which challenged students’ knowledge and understanding of engineering. Our graduates were there with us at the competition to lend a helping hand. The competition was judged on a combined score from the quiz, presentation of the design and the distance that the glider flew.


Cheltenham Prep had amazing results and out of the seven schools and 22 teams that participated, we achieved the following: 

For the quiz section: 1st overall was Team Toxic Waste (Luke Richardson, Ed Carter and Finn Merhiem-Kealy). This was a fantastic achievement as we had the youngest pupils of all the schools, entering only Years 7 and 8 pupils. For all sections combined 3rd Place: Team Penflex (Rory Southall, Andre Zamora and Billy Mayes). This was a brilliant result and they should be very proud. They have now been invited to the Grand Final, held at Fleet Air Arm Museum, near Yeovil, later in the month, where they will launch their glider under Concord!

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