Salsa, sangria and studying in Salamanca

Salsa, sangria and studying in Salamanca

By Izzy Greenwood

We woke up buzzing with thoughts of what was to come for our trip to Salamanca. After a Spanish music-filled bus journey we arrived at Bristol airport. After snaking through security and a couple of full bag searches, Burger King became our resting place!

Landing in Madrid to a Spanish sunset was such an incredible start to a great trip. The coach to Salamanca was long, and by the end everyone’s heads were dropping.  Meeting and greeting our host families was quite a challenge at 1.00am but after lots of hand signals and sleeping actions, beds were found and pyjamas put on.

 After five hours of sleep, off went the alarms and lessons began. Meeting our Spanish teachers for the rest of the week was an experience we will never forget. No hableís ingles EVER. Learning in Spanish about Spanish sounded complicated at first but with friends and teachers to help it quickly became simple.

To be greeted with a traditional Spanish meal of three full courses after a morning of lessons was such a pleasure. We all agreed that we were lucky to have such generous host families who were so kind and welcoming.

We did some shopping in the Plaza de Mayor, had a guided tour around the beautiful town of Salamanca and, ending our first day on a high, we indulged in chocolate con churros.

The next day was by far our favourite day. Lessons, lunch and then the fun began! We took part in a traditional Spanish cooking class, and were taught how to make a traditional tortilla de partitas and sangria (sin alcohol). The best activity was saved for last! SALSA! 1,2,3,4. WE LOVE SALSA EN ESPAÑA!

During the last full day, we took part in more lessons, and many games and tournaments of padel, a traditional Spanish game like tennis, racquets and squash combined which is always played in doubles.

The evening held many more adventures as we tasted the best Spanish dishes in three different tapas bars and explored the town in the dark. As the clock struck 11, FIETSA! Lights, music and cameras at the ready, fiesta!

Before we left, we were privileged to be one of the five groups (out of 150 that visit Salamanca every year) that are met by the Mayor. Looking over the Plaza from the balcony, we felt like royalty! Salamanca was such an amazing trip, it is one we will never forget and we would recommend it to all future Third Formers.

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