Sand Bay Fieldtrip

Sand Bay Fieldtrip

By  Lower Sixth A1 students

On Tuesday 6 October 47 Lower Sixth Geography students departed with trepidation for the Somerset coastline, with unsupportive comments ringing in our ears due to the horrendous forecast of rain and even lightning.

We started on the beach at Weston-Super-Mare and it was clear to see the positive and negative human impact on the area. Most of the day was spent at Sand Bay where we saw an amazing number of landforms in such a small area, which helped us visualise and cement the knowledge that we had learnt in the classroom. There were so many erosional and deposition features to study that it felt like we visited several different places in one day. Undoubtedly the highlight was the weather, which was so good that we completed the whole day successfully and even had lunch in the sunshine.

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