Science, Engineering and Code Breaking

Science, Engineering and Code Breaking

Pupils from Lower School made their annual to visit the famous Cheltenham Science Festival and had a fantastic time! The day started by attending a very informative session from musical instrument designer, Will Embliss. He brought sound to life with his collection of unusual instruments and objects: the pupils found out how sound travels through solids, liquids and gases; discovered a range of string, wind, brass and percussion instruments; and learnt how to vary pitch and volume to create the music we all enjoy. It was a great show.

The pupils also explored the Discovery Zone, a huge interactive space, which was a real sight to behold! It was packed with a variety of exhibits and full of enthusiastic scientists and engineers to answer any questions. It was the perfect place to get hands-on with science and discover more about the world around us. 

The pupils also made their way around the tricky Science Trail, answering difficult questions and cracking the code. During the afternoon, there was a chance to visit ‘The Bloodhound’ and many children tried to make their own version of the fastest car in the world. The final stop was ‘The Craft Tent’, which occupied the children for a long time. There was the opportunity to programme robots, make willow structures, control cars, use a 3D printer, carry out some print-making and much more. 

It was a great day and the pupils have certainly been inspired to find out more about science in everyday life. Everyone is looking forward to using Cheltenham Prep's brand new, university-grade Science labs as they move up through the school; and we are so lucky to be part of such a flourishing science and engineering community in Cheltenham!


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