Shields Charged, Swords Polished

Shields Charged, Swords Polished


Roman day in Lower School was a ‘historical' triumph! Children in Years 3 and 4 were arranged into five geographical teams - Italia, Britannia, Gaul, Hispania and Germanica.

They undertook lots of activities, covering some of things they had learned about how the Roman’s lived and fought. Everyone had a go at some form of baking, whether it was making the dough or creating the rolls. In order to protect themselves from hordes of marauding Iceni warriors (or teachers as they are also known!), everyone designed and painted a shield, before having a go at military drills outside.



Later on, the teams also played a fascinating board game of true or false facts, and had a go at crafting messages with simple Roman numerals. Each pupil was able to work out their date of birth, proving themselves to be excellent Roman mathematicians! After carrying out some research on the Internet and answering challenging quiz questions, the teams gave the day a ‘thumbs up’ - and no one was sentenced to death in the amphitheater!


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