Shine Star Shine

Shine Star Shine

The Nursery and Reception children gave a delightful performance of the Nativity story to parents, friends and staff. All the children were so excited and proud of themselves for singing with such lovely voices and remembering to use their big biggest, booming voices to say their lines. Many thanks to Miss Jones from the Music department for the music and to all the staff for helping the children to perform so beautifully.



The children of Years 1 and 2 also outshone themselves, with their interpretation of the Nativity story, Shine Star Shine. All of the boys and girls acted and sang with enthusiasm, pride and enjoyment as their parents, grandparents, siblings and the like watched on. There were twinkling stars, graceful angels, dancing sheep, tired wise men, pages and camels and not forgetting Mary, Joseph, a donkey and wonderful narrators. Key Stage One should feel immensely proud of their performance. Merry Christmas everyone!



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