Ships ahoy for the CCF Navy!

Ships ahoy for the CCF Navy!

The CCF Naval Section started their Field Day with a Trafalgar Supper the night before on Tuesday 17 October. The Lower Sixth cadets organized an evening of fun entertainment with a fish-themed fancy dress competition, a quiz and a good old sea shanty sing-a-long.

It was an early start on Wednesday’s Field day with a 5.40am breakfast and a 6.00am departure from College. The section travelled down to HMS Excellent in Portsmouth for a day of afloat activities; sailing 32-foot yachts, helming 50-foot motor launches and power boating on Champs and RIBs. The motor launches and the yachts travelled out of the harbour and saw many Royal Navy vessels on the way; Frigates, Destroyers and the new, yet-to-be-commissioned aircraft carrier, Queen Elizabeth.

The cadets often found themselves outside of their comfort zone; taking control of the motor or sailing craft, and they all enjoyed the challenges and sense of achievement at learning new skills. A very big thank you to all the CCF HQ (Portsmouth) instructors who made the day possible and a “well done” to all the cadets who were exemplary ambassadors for College, getting stuck in and expressing their gratitude to those involved in delivering the instruction.  

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