Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot

Our planet is a fragile place and the change in the composition of the air that surrounds is something that will concern us all.  

With a nod to childhood heroes, John Jones, Head of Chemistry delivered a fascinating Lower College Lecture that developed our understanding of the structure of Earth's atmosphere and it's role in maintaining an environment that has a stable temperature, enabling the development and sustaining of life.  He considered the nature of the scientific model and it's application to the atmosphere, and looked at the work done by climate scientists since the Victorian era to collect data about the rise of greenhouse gases.

Antonia Stuckey (5th, Q) commented "The talk “Some Like it Hot”, delivered by Mr Jones, was an extremely interesting insight into the controversial topic of global warming and the chemistry behind it. The subjects covered varied from the causes of global warming  to calculating the effect that ice and clouds can have on the heating effect. This extremely complex issue was explored thoroughly. Mr Jones encouraged us all to take a look at the world around us and to ensure we look after it as best we can."

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