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Sports At College

College has a rich sporting heritage dating back to its foundation in 1841. We are one of the four original rugby playing schools, the others being Rugby, Sherborne and Durham. Since College became fully co-educational in 1998, we have produced three hockey internationals and reached the National Hockey Finals on several occasions. Numbers of rowers have also increased, including a record number of girls in a fully integrated co-educational club.

We continue to be proud of the role sport plays in College life. Not only do we benefit from a extensive range of facilities, we also have top-level sporting professionals and coaches, providing pupils with all they need to achieve success, not just on the school stage but also at regional and national levels.

During 2014/15 both the Cotswold and Linton Astro were resurfaced. We are hugely grateful for the generous support received from OCs Neil Harvey (Newick House, 1981) and David Noble (Newick House, 1981, current Prep parent) for the resurfacing of the tennis courts and major improvements to the squash courts. The work on the tennis courts was completed in 2015 and on the squash courts in 2016. 

If you would like to get involved with supporting Sports at College please do get in touch with the Development Director, Christiane Dickens on 01242 706815 or