Stars of Sports Day 2016

Stars of Sports Day 2016

The Cheltenham Prep playing fields were home to the sounds of tumultuous applause and an array of brightly coloured shirts as the annual Sports Day got underway. Every member of the school community took to the track or field to gain points for their House. After a day of fierce competition and great fun, the results were:

Lower School House Competition
1st – Persia
2nd – Rome
3rd – Sparta
4th – Corinth
5th – Troy
6th – Athens

Middle and Upper School House Competition
1st – Corinth
2nd – Athens
3rd – Rome
4th equal – Persia and Sparta
6th – Troy

Headmaster at the School, Mr Jon Whybrow, said "Cheltenham Prep has a strong ethos of inclusivity. Sport is for everyone, not just those talented athletes to whom track events come very easily. I am delighted to see that many school records have been equalled, and beaten, this year, but my sincere congratulations go out to those participants in particular who may feel that Sports Day is not their favourite day. You tried your hardest and have done your duty for your House, and that is a great achievement."





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