Studying in Salamanca

Studying in Salamanca

By Beth Jenkins (3rd, Q)

I was part of a group of Third Form pupils who travelled to Salamanca to study Spanish and soak up the culture and it was such a fantastic trip! The lessons were very valuable and, as someone who hasn’t studied Spanish before, I picked up a lot and found the lessons useful for our time there. I intend to travel much more in Spain and beyond in the future and the phrases will come in handy for this.

There was a great balance between lessons at Colegio Delibes and cultural activities; we were able to make some real progress with our Spanish as well as embracing the busy atmosphere and beautiful medieval architecture of Salamanca as we explored the city in a number of ways. We went on a historical tour, paid a visit to a bullfighting museum and ate delicious tapas in the evening, absorbing the cultural differences between Spain and England.

We were able to put our language into practice by spending time with our host Spanish families, which immersed us into Spanish daily life. The weather was beautiful and meant that we were able to take a trip to the lido, which was quite a different experience to visiting the lido in Cheltenham.

It was a real honour to be invited to visit the Salamanca town hall on our final day to celebrate College’s five-year partnership with Salamanca. It was a privilege to have first-hand experience of the beautiful stateroom which is normally only visited by dignitaries, politicians and heads of state. I hope that pupils attending the trip next year will be able to expand their Spanish knowledge as much as I did and enjoy all that Salamanca has to offer.

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