Surviving the Wild

Surviving the Wild


During the penultimate week of the Year, Year 4 pupils and staff ventured in to the wilderness to experience life in the wild! The children camped in the middle of the woods and made their own shelters to sleep under, rather than the more comfortable tent option. Working in tribes throughout the week, the group formed dances, chants, flags and a base to sleep in. The weather was pretty awful, so the tribes were wet and muddy from the minute they arrived, but it only added to the camping experience!

The food on offer was fantastic and all children needed to be able to start a fire and cook their own food to survive the week. Luckily, everyone managed this. For many, the highlight of the week was the pizza - making and using the outdoor pizza ovens to cook them. The salmon panasse was also a favourite.

One important survival skill the group learnt was to camouflage themselves, which aided them in their favourite game, Predator. This required the young tribesmen and women to make their way from one tree to another without being spotted. Many other games were played in the woods, which were great fun. 

Swimming in the fresh water lake proved to be an early morning wake-up call and, once recovered, the children managed to catch some crayfish, take part in a wilderness walk and much more throughout the week. After a final lunch of bush-crafted fajitas, it was time to say goodbye. The Year 4 pupils had the most amazing experience at Bushcraft and were now prepared to live in the wild – almost! A huge thanks goes to the staff involved in organising the trip and for making it such a great success.




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