Swim team smashes records!

Swim team smashes records!

By Electra McErlean (5th, W)

Last week, the swimming team had great success at the Warwick 100s event; with team members achieving four personal best times and two College records!

Sam Rowland (L6, A)  placed 2nd in 100m backstroke whilst breaking a College record and her personal best time. Henry Fong (U6, H) swam 100m breaststroke coming 3rd with a time of 1:14, a new personal best time. He also swam in the 100m freestyle with a time of 1:01.

I swam 100m butterfly whilst breaking a College record and smashing my personal best time. Kelvin Lai (U6, BH), our Boys’ Captain also swam 100m fly with a time of 1:18. Boris Pustoshinkskiy (5th, Xt) swam 100m freestyle with a time of 1:08; he did very well as he has only joined our team this term and has been a great addition. Cindy Lai (5th, Ch) has been off for several months from swimming but recovered right before our event. She swam very well, placing 4th, a particularly good result as she had been unable to train during this time.

It was a new experience for some of the swimmers, as the events were all individual, and a great event as a whole. 

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