Jude and Anya Swim in National Finals

Jude and Anya Swim in National Finals


Cheltenham Prep are delighted that pupils Jude Richardson and Anya James qualified for the 2016 IAPS Swimming Championships, which took place on Saturday. Both were one of only 16 people in their chosen events to qualify.

The competition saw the two swimmers qualify from 4,200 swimmers from 400 schools nationally. After weeks of training in the early mornings and on Sundays, Jude finished 10th of 16 in the Under 10’s 25m backstroke. “My Dad was poolside the whole time which gave me confidence,” said Jude. “I love swimming, so I’d definitely like to do this race again.”

Anya performed well in her Under 12’s 50m Front Crawl heat, against stiff competition, but unfortunately did not progress to the final. “I usually swim 25m at gala’s, so it was a bit nerve-wracking, but everyone feels the same,” said Anya. “I celebrated with my family afterwards by going to Brighton beach in the sunshine!”

Staff and pupils alike have been offering encouragement and congratulations to both swimmers. “Regardless of how they swam on Saturday, this is a tremendous achievement,” said Miss Stacy Ramsey, Head of Swimming at Cheltenham Prep.

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