Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature

Head of Hockey and Southwood tutor, Mr Gwyn Williams, spills the beans in this week's Teacher Feature.

What did you do before you came to College?

After completing my Masters in Sports Development, I worked at Wycliffe College as a Sports Coach before heading down to Melbourne, Australia to play and coach hockey for MCC.

If you hadn’t become a teacher, what would you have done instead?

Well as a youngster the plan was to be a sports journalist or follow my dad into being a pilot, but playing sport took over those ideas. I do have a great passion for cooking and running a kitchen and designing menus has always fascinated me. I often talk of owning my own rum and seafood restaurant/bar on the harbour in a little town in West Wales called Saundersfoot.

What is your favourite thing about College life?

There are two things that stick out for me at College, the sense of occasion as well pride in a packed Chapel. What I truly enjoy is the interaction with the pupils, seeing these guys in their prep schools, then seeing them develop both on and off the astro and being part of this process is a fulfilling challenge, but one I enjoy and I suppose is why I have found myself in education.

What are you reading at the moment?

Bill Walsh's The Score Takes Care of Itself - My Philosophy of Leadership. A book on the principles of leadership and how he turned the San Francisco 49ers into one of the major American Football franchises, winning three Super Bowls.

Other than your own, what was your favourite subject at school?

For me it was History and I carried this through to my university studies. I enjoyed looking at the various periods throughout history and the decisions made that affected how the world began to change. I had a particular interest in the Vietnam War.

If you could be Prime Minister for the day, what is the first thing that you would do?

As a passionate Welshmen I would place the red dragon on the Union Jack flag.


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