The Chemistry Spectacular!

The Chemistry Spectacular!

This year’s Chemistry Spectacular was entitled “A Song of Fire and Ice: A Fight for Oxygen” and pupils and staff were treated to an evening of explosions, bangs, whizzes and pops that demonstrated this theme. The Chemistry department featured a few new experiments that they had developed, as well as old favourites such as elephant’s toothpaste, the barking dog and the thermite reaction.

Mr James Copeland-Jordan, Head of Chemistry, commented, “The Chemistry Spectacular is designed to whet the appetite of students and engage them with the subject by lighting their natural curiosity.  The underlying science of the demonstrations can be accessed at all levels of understanding, from prep school level right up to A-Level.  

“We hope that pupils leave with a renewed sense of curiosity for Chemistry and are able to talk with excitement and enthusiasm about the experiments they saw.  It is a truly thrilling event to hold at College and I hope in the future we are able to expand and reach a wider audience and show that Chemistry is an exciting and explosive subject!”

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