The Queen v Usynin

The Queen v Usynin

By Antonia Stuckey (U6, Q)

On Thursday 5 November, the Upper College Society was lucky enough to host Judge Michael Chambers for a mock trial. Judge Chambers is an OC, and is one of Britain’s most senior full-time circuit judges. The case, entitled ‘The Queen v Usynin’ followed the trial of Dmitrii Usynin (U6, NH), who was accused of having stolen £3000 from Dan Brown (U6, S). Oyinkansola Oladapo (U6, W) proposed a scrutinising and thorough prosecution of Dmitrii, whilst Ankita Mediratta (U6, W) acted as the defence. The task for Yinks was to prove Dmitrii guilty of this crime. Various witnesses were called up, with Izzi Winstanley (U6, Q) acting as Dmitrii’s unknowing mother, whilst Dan provided evidence on his own burglary. The audience (Sixth Form students) acted as the jury, making the final decision. In the end, the jury found Dmitrii guilty and he was charged with 7 years in prison. Overall, it was a highly entertaining evening, offering a useful and revealing insight into the workings of the British legal system and how legal judgements are made. A huge thanks must go to the students who put a massive amount of effort and work into the preparation and performance on the evening. Also, we are all very grateful to Judge Chambers for giving up his valuable time to coordinate the evening. 

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