The Three Peaks Challenge

The Three Peaks Challenge

A group of 30 Third Form pupils and three members of staff set out on Monday morning to climb the three highest peaks of the UK with a degree of trepidation. After a five-hour journey, the team arrived at Snowdon and loaded up the backpacks. The group walked up the Pyg Track and as we approached the top the mist descended so that the final 30 minutes was completed without many views. At the top, the group enjoyed a warm drink in the café before descending. The team was in good spirits throughout and afterwards headed to Conwy Youth Hostel for the night. Unfortunately, they were quite late getting to the youth hostel which meant that we only saw the last bit of the England game against Iceland but that may be a blessing in hindsight! 

The next morning, a four-hour drive followed before ascending Scarfell Pike from the National Trust car park in Wasdale. This time, however, there were several pupils that were starting to feel tired as they approached the top. The mist descended again, just before the summit and then the heavens opened and it rained heavily for the entire descent. The food in ‘The Woolpack’ was excellent and raised the spirits.

The final climb of Ben Nevis was potentially going to be a very difficult day as tiredness was setting in and the forecast was horrendous. A 6.00am start, followed by a five-hour drive, did not help but the team was fantastic and after arriving at the Glen Nevis Youth Hostel shot up and down Ben Nevis in five to six hours depending on their group. The weather held and we only had one shower on the summit and some rain in the final stages of the walk. As the team approached the top they had to walk over snow and have a third photo taken in thick mist. The final evening was spent in Fort William Youth Hostel in which the mountains of spaghetti bolognese that were eaten had to be seen to be believed. After the nine-hour return journey to Cheltenham on Thursday, there was a general consensus that this new trip provided a challenge whilst being very enjoyable and that Jelly Babies, Minstrels, Mars Bars and Werthers’ Originals are all essential for any major walk. On the final day of term, some of the group went to Thorpe Park whilst the rest chose a relaxing day at College with a swim to ease their aching muscles.

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