The Upper Sixth Say Goodbye

The Upper Sixth Say Goodbye

By Antonia Stuckey (U6, Q)

For many of us, it seems far too recently that we were walking over to our introductory Lower Sixth drinks. But almost two years on the time for our leavers’ drinks had arrived. During the barbecue, small groups of us sat in front of the camera and recorded thoughts about our time at College. Questions varied from favourite memories, what will be missed about College and plans for the future. This video will be replayed to us in 25 years time when hopefully the answers to these questions will be far more apparent. For some of us, the leavers' barbecue was the first amongst many events that mark the end of five years at College. The evening highlighted the friendships that have been forged amongst pupils and also the ease at which pupils and staff mingled amongst one another. The prospect of leaving College provokes a whole host of emotions. Predominantly, there is a mixture of both nervousness at leaving the comfort of College but also excitement at facing a whole new set of experiences and challenges. College teaches pupils how to handle new situations and I feel most leavers are looking forward to putting into practice the life skills we have been taught at here. Our time at College has been fast-paced, varied and fulfilling. Be it time spent on the hockey pitch, on the stage at the variety show or cramming revision before an exam, we have endured these five years as a group and come through stronger for it. Friendships made here will last beyond College and well into the future, along with a fondness of memories for our time here.

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