Third Form Debate Best Fictional Character

Third Form Debate Best Fictional Character

Led by Academic Chair, Katie Stanton (U6, A), the Third Form was introduced to debating in small groups on a Wednesday afternoon before Half Term as part of the Third Form Challenge. Every pupil made a case for his or her choice of “best" fictional character. From these sessions, twelve pupils were nominated to take part in a balloon debate in front of the rest of the year. A balloon debate is a debate in which a number of speakers attempt to win the approval of an audience. The audience is invited to imagine that the speakers are flying in a hot-air balloon which is sinking and that someone must be thrown out. 

After much preparation over the last four weeks under the helpful eye of Katie Stanton and Miss Brodigan, all twelve pupils produced excellent performances. Their peers voted and the final was fought out between Anna Kuptsova (3rd, A) who argued Dr Who was the best character, Giorgio Iamoni (3rd, BH) who thought R2-D2 was the winner and Gaurav Mediratta (3rd, L) who claimed it must be Sherlock Holmes! After some excellent argument, the audience and the judges voted Gaurav as the winner. 

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