Third Form in the Dragons' Den

Third Form in the Dragons' Den

The Third Form took part in a Dragons’ Den activity day with GCHQ, where they were divided into groups of five or six and given the task of designing a product and presenting it to their year group. The winning team will go on to take part in the GFutures Gloucestershire Young Entrepreneurs Competition held at GCHQ in the Summer Term.

This year, the product had to be designed to help either education or business of the future. Once a product had been decided upon, the group had to consider how they would make it, cost it and market it, then produce a presentation - all within a single morning! The groups were helped by a local businessperson who could give their expertise.

In the afternoon, every group gave a presentation to their peers before being whittled down to the top four groups. The ideas ranged from a futuristic helmet to pens and wristbands that measured your health. After a tight final, the judges adjudicated that Genny Richardson (3rd, Q), Georgia-Lili Robertson (3rd, W), Denis Solovyev (3rd, NH), Zhong Zhuang (3rd, S) and Charles Hellens (3rd, L) were runners-up and that the winners were Tom Beazley (3rd, NH), Edward Calder (3rd, BH), Sebastian Cornwell (3rd, Xt), Imogen Cutts (3rd, Q) and Will Dangerfield (3rd, S) with their presentation on a futuristic ‘e-desk’ which would transform the classroom. As well as further helping new pupils to get to know each other, they were also able to develop their skills producing a presentation and performing it in front of a sizeable audience.

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