UK Cadet Rifle Team

UK Cadet Rifle Team

Chris Bowring (U6, S) has been selected to represent the United Kingdom Cadet Rifle Team (known as the ‘Athelings’). The team of 18 cadets will tour Canada in July, competing in the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association meeting just outside Ottawa. The climax of the tour is the Michael Faraday match against the Canadian Cadets. This is a three range shoot at 300, 500 and 600 yards.

Cheltenham College is not only supplying a cadet member of the shooting team this year; Jonathan Cload, the College shooting coach and a regular member of the GB Rifle Team, is the Atheling’s Commandant, whilst Sarah Proudlove (Head of 3rd Form and EAL) is the team’s Adjutant. The College has an excellent reputation for being one of the top shooting schools, having provided a member of the Athelings team almost every year since 1982, but for three members of the team to come from one school is exceptional.

We wish them every success.

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