Underwater Creatures and Marvellous Minibeasts!

Underwater Creatures and Marvellous Minibeasts!

The Cottage and Reception children had a wonderful time performing their summer show, ‘Under the Sea’, for their parents, family and friends. It was especially warm in the hall due to the heatwave, but we were all so proud of the efforts of the smallest members of our school. "There were songs, poems and laughter," said Mrs Christina Reeves, teacher of the Reception class. "It was a perfect end to the academic year."

It was also a treat to be welcomed to a magical garden inhabited by a range of exciting and wonderful minibeasts, played by talented Year 1s and 2s. The narrators guided us through our story, introducing us first to our group of troubled ladybirds, who needed everybody’s help to solve a dotty spotty problem. We were delighted by the dancing of the butterflies, enchanted by singing spiders and slightly scared by the tough beetles... but relieved to discover their soft centre. The grasshoppers leapt energetically around the stage whilst giving a very selfish ladybird some good advice. Woody, our old oak tree, shared his wisdom so that when the sun went down, all our lovely ladybirds’ spots were beautifully shiny. Well done everyone for lines well learned, songs tunefully sung and dances gracefully performed!




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