Upper College Chemists Analyse the Competition

Upper College Chemists Analyse the Competition

Alena Gorb (L6, A), Sam Mendis (L6, Xt) and Aiko Fukunda (L6, Ch) travelled to Bristol University to compete in the Young Analyst chemistry competition. They competed against other schools from the South West in a series of tasks working in the high specification undergraduate laboratories. Aiko said, “We conducted several experiments including iodine clock, endothermic reactions, vanilla extraction and titration. We were in a team that competed with other schools over accuracy of our results and also our teamwork in the limited time.”

After the competition they heard from a PhD student about his research and what it is like to study science at the highest level. They were then treated to a lecture demonstration about the gases in the air. Unfortunately the team were unsuccessful in progressing to the next round, however, they learnt a lot from the day. Aiko commented further, “Overall, it was a challenging yet illuminating experience that I would recommend to those who enjoy Chemistry.” 

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