Upper School Role Models

Upper School Role Models


On Tuesday morning, five Year 8 prefects, Anabelle Wells, Freya Coull, Charles Anton-Smith, Izzy Reid and Jess Hale, took the Kingfishers Assembly. Director of Upper School, Mrs Sarah Reid, had asked them previously to think of some suitable themes for the Kingfishers pupils, and they had decided on “Kindness and Friendship”. 

The prefects started the assembly by introducing themselves and asking Kingfishers what they thought friendship was about, and what made a good friend. The answers given were all connected with being kind and looking after each other. Izzy read the pupils a story about looking out for our friends and the other prefects acted out the story, with the pupils joining in! The prefects then concluded the assembly with a prayer, written themselves, which they sang to Kingfishers. Finally, the prefects asked that each pupil turn to the other and say “thank you” for being friends.

Staff were really impressed with both age groups – the prefects for planning, putting together and presenting a thought-provoking assembly and Kingfishers for listening, taking part and contributing so nicely. It was also lovely to see the age range of pupils involved as you can see from the photo below. It’s important for all ages in the school to know who the prefects are, what they do and have someone

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