Vicious Vikings for a Day

Vicious Vikings for a Day

The Year 4 pupils took part in a fantastic Viking Day during Week 9. The day reinforced and extended their knowledge of this period of time and the Vikings in Britain. It was a great opportunity to complete lots of Design Technology work and much more.

The day started with an inter-class Viking Quest with each class working through an interactive game to invade Britain and return with as much loot, religious artefacts and slaves as possible. The pupils worked together to choose their crew, the boat, the route and their actions when arriving in Britain. IT was great fun and the chief of each class had the following to say: 

4T – "I am angry that you burnt the monastery at Lindisfarne as the warriors can no longer return for another raid." 

4S – "You gained poor amounts of silver, a good selection of artefacts and lots of slaves, but you took too long. You also lost too many crew members, but I am pleased that you didn't burn the monastery."

4P – "I am banishing you to the fishing village as I am not happy. In fact, I am positively furious!" 


4T turned out to be the eventual winners, collecting 500 silver coins, 20 religious artefacts and 8 slaves, which resulted in an impressive score of 1019. For the rest of the morning, the classes worked together to make three Viking villages, consisting of huts, town halls, rivers, Viking Longboats and Viking Warriors. We would love for you to visit each of the classrooms to see the end result. The fun continued in the afternoon as each class completed three further activities. They learnt about how to build of a Viking Boat, how to replicate Viking brooches and made some very impressive Viking shields. 

The day was a huge success and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed taking part in so many exciting activities. A big thank you goes to the Year 4 staff members for their hard work and efforts to create such a fun, exciting and memorable day!



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