Visit by author Tom Palmer

Visit by author Tom Palmer

Last Friday, author Tom Palmer came to The Prep to give a talk to Middle School. Tom has mainly written books about football and rugby, however, other themes in his books include WWI, ghosts and international espionage. 


Tom told us that he was not keen on reading or school as a child, but he did love sport. His mum encouraged him to read about football in magazines, newspapers and books. Gradually he developed a love for reading.

Pupils were able to ask Tom questions about his books and his career. He then treated us to a sports quiz and each pupil who answered correctly attempted to kick the ball over the rugby posts in the hall. The winner of the trophy was Ben Cunningham, who successfully managed this feat and was awarded a trophy. The teachers were then forced into displaying their rugby conversion skills. Sadly nobody was successful, only managing to kick a few shoes off our feet and over the bar, much to the amusement of Middle School!

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