Voyage en France

Voyage en France


Year 7 pupils and the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) department put their French into practise with a trip to Château de la Baudonnière, in Normandy. 

Purchases were made and prices negotiated in French at the market in Villedieu; it gave everyone an opportunity to use the language that they have been practising in school for a real purpose! Many different souvenirs were bought there: baseball caps, jewellery and saucisson sec (salami). The group enjoyed picnic lunch in the meadows overlooking Mont St Michel before stocking up on sweets and presents at the hypermarket on the return to Château de la Baudonnière.


Fantastic weather allowed the group to enjoy many different activities at the Château. There was raft building, bread making, a (very muddy) assault course, aeroball and photography. "All of the activities were carried out totally in French," said Head of MFL at Cheltenham Prep, Miss Lindsay Gooch. "It was so encouraging to see Year 7 listening, understanding and speaking back in the language!"


The Château featured a mini farm, where pupils could get close to and help feed the animals. Keeping French journals throughout their stay allowed them to record detailed descriptions of the French costumes for la soirée française where brave members of the group tried a French specialty of the region... snails! There was even a quiz to finish off the day. Miss Gooch said "We were all sad to say ‘au revoir’ on Friday, in particular to all of the excellent native animateurs (activity leaders) who work at the Château and who made our stay so enjoyable!"


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