WW2 Play in a Day!

WW2 Play in a Day!

Staff and parents enjoyed watching Year 5 children perform a play about being an evacuee during the second world war, which they prepared in just one day! After a few hours of exciting, fast-paced rehearsal, every pupil in the year group took on a role and led us through a dramatic recreation of evacuee experiences in WWII.

Year 5 children were encouraged to use their own knowledge of the war to enrich the performance. It was very rewarding to hear so many accurate WWII details retold with such confidence and in such an entertaining context. Pupils even used their dramatic improvisation skills to devise scenes that formed part of the play. It was fantastic to see everyone involved and I’m sure all learned a great deal from the whole day. 

Many thanks to Mr Colin Smith who directed this wonderful joint History and Drama activity, as well as to Mrs Paterson and Mr Simpson for their hard work. Big congratulations go to the stars of the show: undoubtedly the Year 5 evacuees themselves, as they brought WWII to life for a day at Cheltenham Prep Prep.


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