Wartime Cookery

Wartime Cookery

A world without chocolate, a handful of sweets that have to last a fortnight, no oranges, no bananas, a diet with little meat, a diet that looks green and brown – these were the realities of life in World War Two that Year 5 at Cheltenham Prep experienced last Saturday. Thanks to an intrepid group of Mums and Grans, the children were divided into small groups and all cooked an authentic recipe from the war using rationed ingredients.

With names designed to appeal to you to do your patriotic duty – Dig For Victory salad or Workingman’s Pudding, or to encourage the younger children to imitate their heroes – Commando Casserole, the meals would be filling and nutritious.

At the end of the war, the British people were healthier than at the start, but they had to put up with the situation where there was no choice. You ate what was in front of you or went without.

Well done to Year 5 for bravely trying what was put in front of them – Hasty Pudding was pretty awful, but the rest were very tasty -- and now the children have a clearer idea of what their grandparents went through all those years ago.


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