We're on a Dragon Hunt!

We're on a Dragon Hunt!


Boys and girls in Reception went on the hunt for a dragon, in celebration of St George's Day.

After getting dressed up as knights and princesses, the children enjoyed lessons in 'Knight School'. There they learned how to use their hand-made and painted shields to protect themselves from the fiery breath of the mighty dragon! 


The knights and princesses then explored the school playing fields, looking for the long, red, scaly tail of the dragon... and they found it! After chasing the (poor) dragon around the fields a few times, everyone enjoyed a scone with jam and cream on top. 

"We love observing our national traditions whilst having lots of fun exploring the generous grounds at The Prep," said Mrs Rachael Buttress. "Not forgetting the squirty cream with jam and scones - what a wonderful tradition to share!"


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