Westal Brings Hollywood to College

Westal Brings Hollywood to College

By Amy Small (L6, W)

Westal Lower Sixth hosted our invitational dinner on the theme ‘Movie Characters and Celebrities’. We held a couple of meetings where we split up the tasks needed between us. Kiana McDonald and I were given the task of providing food, but after we were unable to find a caterer at a reasonable cost, we decided to make it ourselves. We had a lot of fun in the day beforehand, baking brownies and cheesecake and making a soup for the starter. We asked College catering to provide us with lasagnas for our main and we made a side salad to accompany this.

As our night was going to be Hollywood themed, we thought we ought to decorate the room in a very extravagant way. Ankita Mediratta, Flo Channing and Rosa Bond were given the task to find decorations for the room and after looking intensively on Amazon for things to match our theme we ended up with balloons, Hollywood inspired confetti and movie props such as toy guns and hats. Throughout the room we also had paintings of paparazzi and signs, which were created by Cassie Too, Jas Ng and Lavinia Fairlie. We thought it would be a good idea to have an awards ceremony, similar to that of the Grammys, and so Tara Wasdell and Tess Pachta were in charge of finding golden awards and providing categories such as ‘Blondest’ and ‘Oxbridge Candidate’. We had decided, from an early stage, that having a photo booth would be important as it would emphasise the Hollywood theme and make us feel as though we were on the red carpet, so Jemma Robson and Millie Broom organised props and the photo booth. The room now looked fabulous, the food was ready and it was time to get ready. Everyone went all out with their costumes and there was a wide range of celebrities and movie characters - ranging from Katy Perry and Russell Brand to Mr and Mrs Smith. We had a red carpet, starting outside and going into the house so that on the arrival, everyone felt like celebrities. Everyone had an amazing evening!

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