Year 2 Present Famous Faces

Year 2 Present Famous Faces

A whole host of famous characters visited Cheltenham College Prep School for the Year 2 Assembly! Our boys and girls introduced themselves to an audience of staff and parents as all sorts of people, from singers and footballers, to historical figures such as Florence Nightingale, Edward Wilson and even Henry VIII. 



Year 2 put on an excellent performance! The assembly, which was inspired part of their topic this term, required everyone to learn a lot about their characters whilst they were rehearsing and practising their lines. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it has made this half term's topic really come to life! It also gave the boys and girls a springboard for their learning in all areas of the curriculum, from creative writing and History to Science and Art. 


The most loved character was Henry VIII and the children have decided to each create a non-fiction poster all about his life. Please visit Kingfishers to admire their amazing posters!

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