Year 2 Storm Pitch and Pool

Year 2 Storm Pitch and Pool

Year 2 they took part in a nail-biting hockey competition against Dean Close. Many goals were scored and everyone took part! Staff were very impressed with the children’s enthusiasm, ball skills and team work. This was the year group's first experience of an away match, and they were excellent opponents, shaking hands with the rivals at the end of each game, and enjoying a pastry and juice with them afterwards. 

This week, Year 2 also enjoyed their first in-house Swimming Gala. The children were split into three teams: Whales, Sharks and Dolphins. The spirits remained high, and the children cheered their team mates on in each race. They showed excellent swimming technique, as they raced in all strokes. The Sharks scored the highest points, but everyone had a treat afterwards. Thank you to all parents who came to both events and supported the children!


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